Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Weekend

This past weekend we went to the beach for a quick weekend. We got there early afternoon on Thursday and came home Sunday. Reagan is big enough to love the sand and water finally. She was the sweetest thing the whole trip and CeeCee and Poppa were in heaven with her being there.

Saturday night was mom's best friend Staci's wedding. It was a beautiful beach wedding with the coolest reception in the penthouse of the Turquoise Condominiums. 

Dancing the night away with her Poppa. She was all about dancing Saturday night.

Our First Ballet Recital

On May 11, 2013 we had our first dance recital at Academy of Ballet and Jazz. The theme was Cinderella and all the little ones had songs from the movie. Reagan's group was called "Middle of a Muddle". I had been trying to explain all about dress rehearsal and practice on the big stage at the Bama Theater beforehand. Anyone who knows Reagan well, knows she is very shy when she gets uncomfortable. Well our first recital practice she panicked about halfway thru and the second run the teacher got her to cooperate. SOOOO, when the time came for dress rehearsal I used my trusty bribery method. Welp, that surely didn't work cause she got up there and cried the whole way thru! I was a nervous wreck the day of the recital and had been praying she would just get up there and not be upset and cry. You know what they say about praying specifically? Well I just prayed she would stand up there and not cry. I didn't actually pray she would do the dance. I surely got my prayers answered because she walked out onto the middle of that stage and didn't move a muscle!!! She stood perfectly still with this blank look on her face THE ENTIRE DANCE!!! The whole Bama Theater was just cracking up at her. I think my 86 year old Grandaddy said it best when he said she didn't miss one step! And he was right because she did not take one step! TC and I just sat there and laughed the whole way thru. If you know Reagan well it was so typical of her to do this. She never cracked a smile the whole time. After the recital she was thrilled because she got a prize since she didn't cry! At least she looked really dang cute!!
Crying thru dress rehearsal!

3 1/2 Years old 

Disney Day 4

Day 4 was by far my favorite day of the trip. We had lots of plans for the Magic Kingdom and we were excited to go back to see more stuff. It was the rainiest day we had the whole trip, but luckily it held off for the most part. As soon as we arrived we went straight to meet Tinkerbell. Tink was the one person Reagan was most excited to meet. She is obsessed with all things Tinkerbell and fairies. She was literally jumping for joy in line while we waited. Tinkerbell's fairy friends were also there and they were so sweet!! Tink told Reagan she loved her and wanted to keep her in a flower right beside her the rest of the day. It was so sweet until we saw the look of confusion and horror on Reagan's face. TC and I quickly reassured her Tink was kidding!!! 

After meeting the fairies we went to ride all the rides we missed the first day. Reagan loved the Jungle Cruise and the Country Bear Jamboree. We went to meet Minnie and Daisy also. And FYI for those of you who don't know… Daisy can be quite elusive at DW.

I was more excited than she was for her to get some ears. Sad thing was her head was way too small. She looked cute for the picture anyways!
That afternoon we had an appointment at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. HOLY MOLY was it magical. We had a fairy godmother who did Reagan's hair and makeup. She was VERY much in character and real. Reagan was so into being still and listening to every word she told her about being the fairy godmother of all the princesses. TC and I were both loving every second of it too.

As soon as we were finished at the Boutique we headed straight to the other side of the castle for dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. We were THRILLED to meet all the princesses. I think this was my dream come true. It helped that Reagan was on cloud 9 and so excited.
Finished product!

Cinderella was so sweet and took so much time with Reagan talking to her and loving on her. It melted my heart and I am pretty sure I shed a tear. Seriously, it was really really "magical".

After meeting Cinderella downstairs, we headed to the top of the castle for dinner. Each princess had her story announced over a loud speaker and then came out and to our table. They were so perfect and sweet, taking their time to hug and talk with Reagan. Even TC thought is was really fun and loved it. Dinner was filet mignon and it was delicious, this was by far our best meal in Disney.

Snow White

Dessert was awesome
This was our last full day in DW and it was perfect. We were inside for most of the rain and after dinner the park had cleared out. We ended the night riding all of our favorite rides again and watching the magical lights parade for the second time. Reagan talks about our trip at least once a day. Sometimes its random facts and other times she asks if I remember a certain thing. These are truly some of the best memories and I am so thankful we took the time for this trip. I am already planning another one for April 2015!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney Day 3

Day 3 at Disney was kinda funny. We walked out of our hotel room and locked all our stuff (including the key) inside the room. Lucky for us, Disney is magical and fixed us up in about 5 minutes flat. We had a quick breakfast and headed to Hollywood Studios. It was a little overcast and cool that day, but never rained on us! Our first order of business was the Little Mermaid show. It was in a theater and Reagan LOVED it!! Except for Ursula and when she came out I think Reagan crawled up my arm onto  my head!!! Hollywood Studios has more shows than rides and that was ok with us because Reagan was very into the shows. We saw the Muppet Show in 3-D which was funny and cute and also did the Backlot Tour. The fire and water sorta freaked Reagan out, but overall she enjoyed Hollywood Studios alot. 

The Miss Piggy fountain

This squirrel was so funny,
 he watched us eat lunch
That afternoon we watched Beauty and the Beast Musical which had some of the best costumes we had seen. We all three loved this show, not to mention Reagan is very into pretending to be Belle right now.

After Beauty and the Beast we headed back to watch Disney Junior Live. These are all the cartoons that are really popular right now for her age so it was a huge hit for us.

We had a great day at Hollywood Studios for sure. Reagan was exhausted and laid down in the stroller and fell right asleep. TC and I decided since she was asleep we would ride the boat over to the backside of Epcot thru the bay. We ended up getting to see all the different hotels and had the best little boat ride while she slept. That night we had dinner at Chef Mickey's. It was one of our favorites because it had some of the post popular characters.
Donald Duck

Pure JOY! 

The Minnie Mouse at Chef Mickeys was the cutest personality. She had the PERFECT minnie mouse giggle and walk. It was a great day and night!!